Signature 12.4m DX Commander All Band Vertical 80m

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Signature 12.4m DX Commander All Band Vertical 80m


Multi-Band Vertical Ham Radio DXers Choice for instant multi-band results across the whole HF spectrum (80m to 10m).

This is Callum’s favourite antenna which is used daily and on most Friday Livestreams.



Signature 12.4 – All Band HF Antenna

80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m (& 6m with slight nudge of ATU)

Now with NEW grey high-density polyethylene marine UV stable Plastic Spreaders

Kit delivers 80m as a loaded quarter wave with 30m as a colinear and full quarter wave on 40m and up. 12m and 10m get 3/4 wave elements.

Shipped in 2 x boxes (See components page).

Box 1:

  • 12m Signature pole

Box 2:

  • 3x 100m DX10 Wire (elements and radials)
  • 2 x massive 5251 Aluminium plates (ground and driven)
  • 5 x UHMWPE Spreader / Guy plates
  • All nuts, bolts, washers, Fork connectors, paracord, Dyneema shock cord etc
  • Full HCL stay up kit

Tilt-base is not supported directly from us however DX Engineering do a tilt-base and so do Barenco in UK.

The ID of the base of the is exactly 50.8mm / 2-inches. You can build a simple tilt-over base with a stub mast not longer than say 30cm / 1 foot long to support the base.

You can guy this at the 3rd spreader. You DO NOT need a tilt over base.. This can sit directly on the ground. (You can also storm-proof it by guying at plate #2 and plate #4 instead)

Radials: Enough to get you nice and loud on 80m and louder on 40m and up. Pin these down either with radial pins or wood dowels / lawn stakes etc.

Note: We don’t supply those little plastic carabiners for the shock-cord ends any more. They becomne brittle and break. We moved to a superier solution of stopper knots and loops. See User Guide.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 119 × 16 × 16 cm

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