Special Delivery Requests2024-01-25T14:53:31+00:00

We have no control over what time or date your product will be delivered. You can change your time and date etc after DHL Express sends you the tracking, SMS and email etc. We can’t assist, sorry.

Do you have stockist in Europe?2024-01-15T13:02:10+00:00

Yes, ML&S can supply the whole of Europe with VAT collected at source and economical shipping.


Although we are registered for VAT, prices for export are as displayed prices on website and this does NOT include any tax.

For UK customers, we effectively pay the VAT for them, giving a discount.

THEREFORE, if you are in the EU, your local customs department will want to charge you VAT at your local rate plus admin charges.

To get around this issue, we have appointed ML&S as sole European distributor. They are geared up to collect the VAT for your country. So the price you pay at the point of sale is the total price.

ML&S will stock ALL DX Commander products from end January 2024.

Methods of payment – Paypal / Cards2023-12-20T18:38:50+00:00

You can pay by credit / debit card. Follow the links to payment and select Debit or Credit Card.

Do you have stockists in North America?2023-12-20T09:51:03+00:00

Yes, DX Engineering fully support all DX Commander products.

My product was damaged in shipping!2023-12-19T15:37:15+00:00

If your order has arrived in a less than satisfactory condition, please e-mail Loki with details and/ or photos and we will rectify the situation. Our moto is “Do the right thing” so please be straight and honest and you will find us easy to work with.

I tried to order but my country isn’t listed?2023-12-19T15:36:05+00:00

If this has happened, please e-mail Loki with your address, and he will create a shipping quote for you. First, remember to add your address before trying to get a shipping quote off the automated system.

Can I get a special deal if I’m a DXpedition?2023-12-19T15:34:49+00:00

We do support SOME DXpeditions. We expect you to have a) track record in the experience b) your team is more than 4 people c) you send us photographs of your deployment and d) use our logo on your QSL card and your QRZ page.

Email Callum with your requirements and we can make you an offer.

Can I get a refund?2023-12-19T15:26:19+00:00

You have accidentally placed an order multiple times or didn’t mean to order?

For all issues regarding payments, please e-mail Wendy, who supports refunds.

Remember, there is a 5% fee to support credit card processing. There’s nothing we can do about this in the event you wish to voluntarily return the item or cancel your order.

Why have I only received half of my order?2023-12-19T15:23:46+00:00

Sometimes when receiving a kit that includes multiple boxes, such as the Signature 9, the delivery will be split up over two or more days. For example, you may receive the pole on a Monday, but the wire and accessories on Tuesday. If this has happened to you, do not worry! Chances are the next part of your delivery will be with you soon. Don’t hesitate to contact us though if you do believe part of your order has been lost.

My DX Commander is stuck and I can’t collapse it2024-04-03T14:24:38+00:00

Take the screw cap off and lay the pole down horizontally. Lay it down with the larger diameter end against a fence post or a wooden block. Lightly tap the other end with another piece of timber/ rubber mallet. If it still doesn’t move, dribble a kettle full of boiling water on the larger section where the join is stuck. This will expand the outside diameter section and then tap again. It will eventually break free.

How are DX Commander Telescopic Poles secured?2023-12-19T15:30:42+00:00

We supply a “stay up” kit with clamps to resolve the issue of a telescopic pole from collapsing. To stop this, make sure you firmly extend and twist the pole when deployed and use the stay up EzClamps.

Does DX10 wire stretch?2023-12-19T15:29:17+00:00

We have not observed stretching of DX10 under any normal circumstances that would change the tune of a DX Commander antenna. It is more likely your ground conditions changed with the seasons or your telescopic pole has slipped slightly.

What are the SWR curves of a DX Commander?2023-12-19T15:23:28+00:00

1/4 wave elements and 3/4 wave loaded elements are in the main wide-banded because there are no coils or other components to lower the Q.

This is a sweep from Tom M0RMY, showing his Classic with inverted L for 80m. It covers the whole HF spectrum.

The third mild dip from the left is the harmonic for 80m which is fairly near 30m band so if you are using 80m and not 30m, you will need a quick touch of your ATU other than that, you will find that most bands will achieve better than 1.5:1 across the whole band you are interested in.

You can also see the 15m dip, this is the harmonic from 40m.

Note the 3:1 SWR horizontal line which should give you a perspective of the depth of tuning.

This is just basic physics. Always remember to connect some radials (minumum 8 really).

What is the power rating of a DX Commander Antenna?2023-12-19T15:23:35+00:00

For SSB, all DX Commmander antennas have a rating of 1,500W. However, be aware of corona discharge, so keep elements parallel and make sure the very ends of the elements are tidy and heat-shrinked and not sticking out at right-angles.

For FT8, be aware that this is a full-duty mode with 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off. There is litttle time for any cooling to occur in the event any part of your antenna system heats up for any reason. There is no reason to increase FT8 power beyond 400W anyway. Achieving an extra 3dB by pushing to 800W will be stressing your whole system including the coax, connectors and antenna.

Although we have tested DX10 wire to 1,600W for 65 seconds on 14MHz, for higher frequencies, say 12m and 10m bands, if you really do need to use higher power then note the QRO discussion in the user guide. The loop at the end of the wire for quarter waves needs to be a closed loop to eliminate carona discharge and heat build up. Some antennas have a long linear loaded fold-back on a 3/4 wave element, for instance the Signature 12.4. This technique cannon be used unless you revert back to a quarter wave.

In anycase, in Fox and Hound mode, experienced DXpedition operators have told me they specifically program their system to ignore strong signals. Tip: Back off.

Can I replace a pole section that broke?2024-02-28T09:15:47+00:00

Due to changes in manufacturing tolerances between batches, we’re unable to supply individual sections to ship – however we do sell warranty poles at-cost to customers who have had unfortunate accidents. Please see the warranty category in our store for that (you will need to e-mail Loki to get a warranty number before purchasing).