Warranty Refurb Service 2024 Rapide Pole (alloy cap and ground plate and herbie clip)

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Warranty Refurb Service 2024 Rapide Pole (alloy cap and ground plate and herbie clip)


Rapide Replacement – Please ask Loki for Replacement Number before ordering loki @ dxcommander.com

This version of the replacement pole also comes with a new (different) Ground Plate and a Herbie Clip.



See insulator just below driven plate


If you have previously had a plastic cap version of the Classic pole, these poles have had a change recently to an Alloy Cap in 2024.

The screw cap is a different size – and so is the OD of the screw thread. The consequence of this change is that the hole for the Ground plate needs to be smaller.

If you need a replacement pole (continue reading below) and the bottom section of the mast is undamaged, buy this version and swap out the bottom sections.


HOWEVER, if the pole is beyond repair, this listing is for the Pole *AND* a new ground plate *AND* a Herbie clip (see example picture) that insulates the alloy base from the Ground and Driven plates.

Lifetime Warranty / School-Boy error replacement service.

This is effectively a “no profit” *new* replacement for any engineering which you might have tried – and it failed. From stressing too much on inverted L, guying it too tightly, standing on the pole, trying to lift an elephant with the pole. We don’t care. If you broke it in an honest manner, then have another one!

QUESTION: Why don’t I stock spare sections and supply these indivually instead?

a) From time to time, the factory re-make the tooling and therefore from batch-to-batch, the sections can come out a few thousands of an inch out (less than 1mm) different. You might think it won’t matter BUT the difference can either mean the new section we supply you will come straight out the end of the pole – or might not extend to full-reach

b) If you factor in shipping costs – and warehouse / management costs of stocking lots of single sections, by the time we have supplied you with just one spare piece, we wouldn’t be far off the price of the “cost-price” of a replacement anyway.

We therefore took the view a while ago that since we’ve already had a sale off you, we might as well just send you another pole and cover our costs – and you keep the old pole for mucking about with or creating something weird, interesting or another experiment. And of course, you now have spare sections for future proofing your second pole

Please get your warranty replacement number from us before purchasing.


Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 119 × 8 × 8 cm
Alloy Cap

With Replacement Ground Plate and Herbie Clip (see description)