DX Commander Rapide Accessories

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DX Commander Rapide Accessories


Accessories Bag for DX Commander 7m Rapide


If you already have a DX Commander 7m Rapide pole and you want to convert it to the full “Rapide” all-band-vertical kit, you will certainly need a “Conversion Kit” – additionally, to save you buying all the nuts, bolts, washers, hose clamps, paracord, fork connectors and shock cord etc, you can buy one of these instead.

In the box:

  • Fork Connectors
  • Wing Nuts
  • 6mm Bolts
  • Washers
  • Paracord
  • Shock Cord
  • Glue Lined Heat Shrink
  • HCL Clamp Kit

Note: Specific components may change from time to time. Check User Guide.