Signature 9 DX Commander All Band Vertical

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Signature 9 DX Commander All Band Vertical


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The Signature 9 builds on the success of both the Classic and the Signature 12.4, creating a new heavy-duty free-standing guyless DX Commander.




The Signature 9 builds on the success of both the Classic and the Signature 12.4, creating a new heavy-duty, free-standing guyless DX Commander.

Now with NEW grey high-density polyethylene marine UV stable Plastic Spreaders

Shipped in two boxes:

  • Signature 9 Pole
  • Custom 38mm Fiberglass ground post
  • 5251 Aluminium Ground and Driven Plates
  • 4 x Marine and fully UV stable 9.3mm / 5/8 inch thick heavy plates
  • All the nuts, bolts, washers and fork connectors etc
  • Long length of Marlow Dyneema Shock-Cord
  • HCL EzyClamp stay-up kit
  • 2 x 100m DX10 Wire (elements and radials)

Quality Components: See this page.

Sporting quarter waves for all bands bar 15m (folded psuedo 5/8th off 40m) and with options for slightly higher gain 10m (to be announced on a new cut chart), this antenna can sit easily out the way from prying eyes in your back-yard / garden, being only 9m in total length.

No ATU is required. Bandwidth is typically 300kHz on any band delivering a perfect match. 10m band is obviously huge in terms of bandwidth however users might consider swapping out 12m band FT8 / SSB / FM repeaters on 29.6MHz with 2 dedicated elements.

Considered as an upgrade to the Classic with a similar cut chart with the option of running an inverted L for 80m. 30m band would still be operable in this style however your internal ATU would require a “nudge”.

Radials: Lay the radials out ideally in a circular pattern but you could easily do 180 degrees instead. Some users have reported great success with 90 degrees of radials (just lots of them), fitting the antenna close to the corner of their yard. Minimum recommended radial field diameter should be 3m however smaller fortprints will still work.

Wind survivability? Complex question. Most manufacturers tend to make these numbers up! We would say “good”. Or on a scale of 1-10, this is probably a 7-8. If you really do know there is a genuine major storm coming, why not be safe and lay it down? I would.

Note: We don’t supply those little plastic carabiners for the shock-cord ends any more. They becomne brittle and break. We moved to a superier solution of stopper knots and loops. See User Guide.

Additional information

Weight 7.3 kg
Dimensions 119 × 16 × 16 cm

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