DX Commander CLASSIC Multi-Band Antenna – (40m – 2m) HF

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DX Commander CLASSIC Multi-Band Antenna – (40m – 2m) HF


DX Commander CLASSIC – HF Multi-Band Vertical System

Now with the new GREY Spreaders, not white



This is for the Classic (original) version of the DX Commander vertical antenna (40m – 2m) [Note, 6m, 4m and 2m are not guaranteed, these bands are the results of harmonics on longer elements]

This comes with the NEW Grey Spreader Sets

This comes as a KIT which includes the 10m DX Commander telescopic pole, the aluminium and NEW gray marine UV stable plate set, all nuts, bolts, washers, fork connectors etc and 100m DX10 Wire on a factory packed roll.

Rated for 1,500W key-down at 14MHz. (See components page).

This is EXACTLY the same kit as the 80m product but with just the one reel of DX10 wire, enough for elements and radials. See User guide.

This Premium version includes everything you need to build this All-Band-Vertical including the new Aluminium 5251 spec ground and driven plates.

All new plastic UHMWPE plates have new hole pattern for either 3, 4 or 6 equi-distance spaced elements.

QRO and no ATU required. See user-guide for QRO-proofing 12m and 10m.

NEW! Now with 1500W CW / RTTY tested UHMWPE components and the new DX10 antenna wire.

  • DX Commander Pole
  • NEW hex HCL Stay Up Kit
  • Glue lined shrink-wrap (for creating the little end loops for fast take-down)
  • Upgraded Ground plate with SO239 and flying lead
  • Upgraded (150mm) Driven Radiating Plate
  • All Nylon Plates in “natural” inert material
  • Stainless nuts, bolts and washers with heavy fork connectors for 6 elements and 9 radial connectors (multiple radials per connector)
  • 3m Marlow Marine Dyneema shock cord
  • Length of 550 Paracord for guying your mast and making up element extensions with the shock-cord

Note: We don’t supply those little plastic carabiners for the shock-cord ends any more. They become brittle and break. We moved to a better solution of stopper knots and loops. See User Guide.

Additional information

Weight 4.95 kg
Dimensions 119 × 16 × 16 cm

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