This article applies to all “Classic” series poles (Rapide, Expedition and Classic). Nothing has changed on Signature 9, 12.4 and 18.

Originally, all Classic Series poles were supplied with a plastic housing and a plastic end-cap.

In the main, this design was good and it worked well. However, over the longer term, some users would sometime break the cap, mostly when putting the pole away. This is because sometimes one section needs a particuarly heavy “shock” to break the seal between one section and another and the bottom couldn’t take the strain.

We worked with the factory and came up with an alloy base and cap instead. However, the alloy is conductive so when used as part of a DX Commander “kit”, we needed a method of insulating the driven plate from the ground plate. We worked with our clamp supplier who offered us the “Herbie Clip” which works great.

Problem solved? Almost! The only problem is that the thread diameter of the plastic housing is different to the thread housing for the alloy housing.

So now we have two different pole types”in the wild”.

RE-ORDERING: In the event, you have an accident and you need a new pole and you USED to have a plastic housing and matching end-cap, then (assuming the bottom / largest pole section is still working fine) then buy a replacement pole and use the original base and transpose the remainder of the pole to the old section.

Alternatively, if you are replacing a plastic cap version pole with an alloy cap version pole, you will also need a new ground plate and Herbie Clip.

Further, be aware that we have recently changed colour schemes for all Classic series. All these are now in a military style green colour.

Finally, if you only need a plastic cap, please talk to Loki.