For SSB, all DX Commmander antennas have a rating of 1,500W. However, be aware of corona discharge, so keep elements parallel and make sure the very ends of the elements are tidy and heat-shrinked and not sticking out at right-angles.

For FT8, be aware that this is a full-duty mode with 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off. There is litttle time for any cooling to occur in the event any part of your antenna system heats up for any reason. There is no reason to increase FT8 power beyond 400W anyway. Achieving an extra 3dB by pushing to 800W will be stressing your whole system including the coax, connectors and antenna.

Although we have tested DX10 wire to 1,600W for 65 seconds on 14MHz, for higher frequencies, say 12m and 10m bands, if you really do need to use higher power then note the QRO discussion in the user guide. The loop at the end of the wire for quarter waves needs to be a closed loop to eliminate carona discharge and heat build up. Some antennas have a long linear loaded fold-back on a 3/4 wave element, for instance the Signature 12.4. This technique cannon be used unless you revert back to a quarter wave.

In anycase, in Fox and Hound mode, experienced DXpedition operators have told me they specifically program their system to ignore strong signals. Tip: Back off.