Alloy Screw Cap


In 2024, we moved away from plastic end caps for the Classic series of antennas; Classic, Expedition and Rapide.

We replaced the caps with an alloy base and alloy screw-cap.

The outside diameter of the alloy screw thread is SMALLER than the plastic screw caps so we changed the Inside Diameter of the hole for each of the ground plates in this series.

Further, we reduced the plate thickness to allow the allow cap to bite firmly on the threads.

In the event you wish to order replacement parts or specify a part for Alloy or Plastic, you need to let us know at time of ordering that you need either the older (larger hole) or the newer (smaller hole and thinner plate).

FURTHER: When we supply the ground plate for an alloy-cap system, we also will supply a “Herbie” clip. This insulates the driven plate from the alloy base.

No other changes were made other than the alloy cap and plate.