B-GRADE DX Commander 12.4m Pole x 2

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B-GRADE DX Commander 12.4m Pole x 2


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DX Commander Signature 12.4m C-Grade Telescopic Pole with full HCL Hex Stay-Up kit

  • Stiffer Walls
  • Heavier weight (by 20%)
  • Custom Screw Base
  • Longer when extended

2 in stock

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2 x C Grade 12.4s


The 2nd batch of 300 DXC 12.4 Signature poles had some issues in that between the bottom (largest section) and section 6 (half way up).

I manually “blue-printed” every single one that had the following issues:

a) They could extend out too far

b) they didn’t extend far enough

In the case of a) [extends too far]

The factory told me to drop the section back out the bottom add a few drops of superglue to pad out the diameter. I became pretty adept at this and created a better way using some heavier, longer setting super glue with a tiny cable tie to guide the glue arouond the diameter and once I was satisfied, would spray it with a superglue activator. Sometimes, I would pad it out too much so I would have to revert to b) below

In the case of b) [doesn’t extend far enough]

I used 120 grit sander to take of a “smidge” off the base of the pole (there’s about a 15-20cm overlap). Re-test until I was satisfied.


About 25 of these poles defeated me on the day because I gave myself about 10-minutes per pole – and if it went too long, I gave up and shoved them on a shelf, meaning to have another “butchers” at them another day.

So beware, these are truly bad..(!) However so far, customers have told me they solved the issues. It just takes time and a half-decent sanding machine or decent amount of superglue. Remember, mine had to look prestine, if you sand too far up the barrel, it doesn’t matter. You can scratch and sand it all you like.. Treat it as a bit of fun. After all, it’s not “ornametal”!


Is that you will probably end up with 2 x 12.4 poles. Certainly ONE and a ton of spares 🙂

Also includes an HCL Ezyclamp Kit per pole


If, when you checkout, the shipping looks horrendous, email Loki and ask him if he can double check for you that the automatic calculation didn’t screw you over..


Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 119 × 18 × 11 cm